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754 Lakeside Dr.
N. Palm Beach, Florida

This is a 10 year old "California Style" clay tile roof. 
Pans and covers with screw on installation with no stringers.
Main problem: Several leaks (ten altogether) 5 of which have plagued the homeowner since the roof was installed.
Leaks were located along flashings and vents. 
The roof also had several broken and slipped tiles
Although this home was way out of our area (4 hour drive) we decided to do the job.

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wpe8.jpg (19720 bytes)  wpe6.jpg (29028 bytes)  wpeA.jpg (15472 bytes)

Here is the vent over the art studio and laundry room. This vent was worked on before we arrived and was still leaking.
In the first picture Steve is pointing to the incorrect overlap of the tiles which cause rain water to flood under the tiles. You can see in the second photo the screw hole which was left behind by the last workers on this roof, note the stains showing that this is a location of much water accumulation during rains. The third photo also shows the stack coming apart from the base of the flashing.


wpeC.jpg (28291 bytes)  wpe10.jpg (21678 bytes)
Here you see the vent now repaired in the left photo and all of the tiles replaced properly in image 2.


wpe12.jpg (32329 bytes)
The roof facing south. This was before the broken tiles were replaced or repaired.


wpe14.jpg (31043 bytes)
Front over garage before tile repairs.


wpe16.jpg (30979 bytes) wpe19.jpg (45596 bytes) 
Two photos of roof facing north before tile repairs in the first you can see 
the bucket at top where vent stack was being repaired, 
the second shows covered patio and dining room.


wpe6.jpg (45696 bytes)

  • This photo shows before repair but after tiles and several layers of caulking removed to reveal the flashings and stucco corner. 
  • Leak was down the left wall over the door. 
  • Note the hurricane shutter screws sticking out from the wall.
  • We feel that this is contributing to the leak over the door but the screws were stripped and we could not screw them in.
  • Our recommendation was that the screws be replaced and screwed in when shutters are not in use. 
  • This condition was also evident in other areas of the home and again we recommended that all these screws be kept screwed in when the shutters are not being used as these screw holes (although they have a plastic plug) are recessed allowing about 1/4 inch of stucco wall to collect rain.

wpe8.jpg (22070 bytes)

  • Here is another photo looking down at the door where you can see the shutter screws sticking out above.
  • Also you can see the window at the top of the photo where screw holes are present. Again we refer to the point above about these screw holes allowing water intrusion into the walls.


wpe20.jpg (15383 bytes)  wpe22.jpg (28279 bytes)  wpe24.jpg (14647 bytes)
Broken and slipped tiles before repairs.


wpe26.jpg (33483 bytes)
Another view looking south before repairs.


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